Pokémon Go update- 0.33 change your nickname and many more

Pokémon Go update- 0.33 change your nickname and many more

The latest update 0.33 for the game Pokémon Go, has introduced a few notable changes like probability to change your nickname, though you can make the change only once among other modifications.  When there are so many gamers looking for Pokemon go hack ios, the changes made to the game are giving its users the freedom to enjoy added features introduced in the game.

Talking about some controversial modifications that had influenced the ability of many users to utilize detection radars in Pokémon game, it looks like that modification is still in progress. Until then, you can see some grass on the screen of your device, which is an added background behind the nearest Pokémon, which is currently an artistic feature added. Let us look at some changes added in the latest version.

  • Improvement in accuracy of curveball
  • Added feature that includes a dialog box, which reminds the trainers not to continue playing the game while they are exceeding a certain speed limit during their travelling time.
  • Bug fixes that enable the users to get a bonus for their throws based on ratings like Good/Great/ Excellent.
  • Trainers can easily change their nicknames, but they can do it only once. So, try to choose your nickname smartly.
  • Battery Saving Mode Issues resolved for iOS and activated the feature again.
  • Team leaders: Candela, Spark and Blanche can now enjoy visual elements available for them.
  • You can expect a few changes in the game interface as an alternate Pokémon locating system is going to be created especially for a small group.
  • Achievement icons are improved that were displayed wrong in previous version.
  • You can also experience other minor improvements and edits that will help you improve your gaming experience and enjoy playing the game with added features and improvements.

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