Carrageenan is useful in other sectors too

Carrageenan is useful in other sectors too

The uses of Carrageenan are many, but as we know that it is mostly used in the food industry, let us have a look at some other sectors where carrageenan food additive is used and is effective.

Pet Food

This is the major use for SRC, called as seaweed flour, with usage of nearly 500 tonnes per year. A refined form of this ingredient (carrageenan) can also be used, but it is quite expensive and seaweed flour is just ¼ of its price. When blend with locust bean gum, seaweed flour becomes even better and less of carrageenan is needed, but still this combination gives and effective product, which is cost effective too.

The canned foods available for pets comprise of meat, which is normally cuts obtained from the slaughterhouse. It is chopped into smaller pieces or chunks, added to water, seaweed flour (kappa), flavours and locust bean gum, flavoured jelly or canned pieces and one of them improves the product appearance when it is taken out from the can.

Air freshener- Gels

When you think about enhancing the odours in your house, air freshener gels are the most liked products available in supermarkets. Kappa is used to make such gels along with water, perfume and potassium salt. When mixed, the formation of perfume gel takes place and then it is moulded into a shape that fits into the holder. When you buy it, you will find the holder sealed and in order to use the product, open the holder gently and you will get to see perfume plus moisture releasing from the gel.


The major ingredients found in toothpaste are detergent, mild abrasive or chalk, water, flavour and a thickening agent, which provides the structure to the paste to allow the abrasive suspended and no water separation occurs. Iota is used as a thickening agent in toothpaste.


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